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KBA RESEARCH provides a professional, reliable and cost-effective family history research service assisting clients in the discovery of their British ancestry.

Until she became a professional researcher in 1997, the principal of KBA RESEARCH, Sue Benson, worked for over eight years at the Bedford Record Office, dealing with enquiries from family historians. A full-time personalised research service is offered, tailored to meet each client's specific genealogical needs.

KBA RESEARCH will assist you to clarify your ancestral research targets and objectively evaluate the potential usefulness of any work to be carried out.

To avoid duplication of research effort, you should send full details of genealogical records already examined, together with all known data relating to the family, subject or locality to be researched.

Once the research target has been agreed with you, KBA RESEARCH will provide you with a formal proposal, containing details of the specific family history research work to be undertaken, with estimated costs and timescales.

A typical project will involve:

* Development of an agreed plan for the genealogical research work
* Undertaking the specific research in the appropriate UK archives
* Analysis of the family history data found
* Preparation of a report, setting down the detailed findings of the research
* Suggestions for appropriate ongoing research work

Testimonials from many of our previous clients, both in the U.K and from many other countries, can be provided, on request.