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Research Fees are usually charged by the hour - minimum research time normally authorised is two hours.

The estimated cost of each family history research project will be shown in the proposal document produced by KBA RESEARCH and submitted to you for authorisation, prior to the commencement of work on the assignment.

Current hourly fee rate is £17.00 (U.S $31.00, as at 01.02.2006).*

Expenses are charged, as incurred, and cover:

* Travel to/from local Record Offices and/or London research centres and archives
* Copies of relevant documentation, for example:

- GRO Certificates - with full GRO reference : £9.00 (US$17.00)*
- GRO Certificates - up to five year search : £10.00 (US$19.00)*
- GRO Certificates - up to ten year search: £14.00 (US$26.00)*
- Census Returns: 1841 to 1901 - full address known : £5.00 (US$9.00)*
- Census Returns: 1841 to 1901 - street, small village : £6.00 (US$11.00)*
- Wills: 1858 to present day - twenty year search : £10.00 (US$19.00)*
- PCC Wills: pre-1858 five year search: £7.00 (US$13.00)*

* Note: The cost in client local currency will obviously vary in line with fluctuating exchange rates. For a quotation in your local currency, contact KBA RESEARCH.

Payment method can be arranged to suit the client preference, wherever possible.

Typically, there are three methods of payment available to you, as follows:

1. International bank cheque, or money order, for the research fee, in GB pounds
2. Personal cheque in local currency. Payment will be the equivalent of GB pounds and include a bank encashment fee of GB pounds £5.00, required by UK bank. If you wish to pay by this method, please advise local currency with your enquiry & we will send quotation in this currency.
3. Direct bank-to-bank transfer, to be paid directly into the KBA RESEARCH UK bank account.

The client can restrict the research costs to be incurred, by establishing a cost ceiling. KBA RESEARCH will then undertake as much ancestral research work as possible in the time authorised.

The timescale for completing the work obviously depends on the scope of the project. However, we will produce a short report to the client at regular intervals, to keep you up to date with progress on the research project.